When can I sail?

The USSCMC is open 5 days a week, Wednesday through Sunday. Private lessons, camps, team training and other instructor supervised sailing may take place on Mondays and Tuesdays with prior arrangements. The hours of operation are 10AM to 6PM. All boats must be off the water and properly stored away by 6 PM.


GREEN FLAG -  Light wind sailing.  Safe for beginners.  Beginners should report their sail plan to the on-duty sailing safety supervisor. 

YELLOW FLAG  15 kts: This is considered high wind sailing.  Skipper shall be competent with high wind sailing in small boats. No Singlehanded Scots or 420s.

RED FLAG           16-19 kts: Both Skipper and Crew should be experienced and competent in high wind sailing.  Sailing requires approval from the on-duty sailing safety supervisor.  Okay when supervised by a coach, a safety boat or part of a regatta.  NO SINGLEHANDED Scots, 420s.  Recommend crew when sailing Hobie Waves.

WARNING 20+ kts: Sailing is restricted without a USSCMC Sailing Coach. The skipper may be held financially responsible for any damage done to boats, sails and rigging under these conditions.  


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