What are my responsibilities before sailing?

There are several responsibilities listed below but the responsibilities are not limited to this list:

  • Review the weather conditions and forecast and plan wisely.
  • Knowledgeable on how to sail the boat you intend to use, which includes knowing how to properly rig and how to perform a safety check of lines, wires, cleats, shackles, etc.
  • Knowledgeable on how to properly launch
  • Knowledgeable on how to sail up wind, down wind and a straight course
  • knowledgeable on how to return to dock or to boat dolly
  • knowledgeable to upright a capsized boat
  • Sign out my boat on the sign out whiteboard
  • Make sure my guests sign a waiver
  • Make sure everyone on board is wearing a properly fitted and zipped PFD
  • Make sure you sail with a communication plan. This includes a radio check of channel 5 and if using a cell phone,
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