Melges 15 Programs


The USSCMC is pleased to announce our newest membership option designed to grow a vibrant local sailing fleet of Melges 15 sailboats. For those carrying an existing USSCMC (Adult, Family or Senior) membership, a Melges Martin County (MMC) membership will allow Melges 15 sailboats to remain on property on a dolly with mast up. This membership option will be priced at $250 per month with no annual contract or $2500 per year. Monthly options will follow the calendar months and will NOT be prorated by the day. (See overnight stay pricing for daily rates for private boats).

Requirement: for any MMC paying monthly and purchasing less than 4 months, the boat must be sailed a minimum of one time each week. This plan is intended to grow an active fleet of boats being sailed it is not intended to be a storage solution.

During large regatta blackout dates all privately owned boats must be removed from the property by the owner, or it will be moved by USSCMC staff to an empty space west of our building. During a tropical storm or hurricane warning the owner must remove the boat from USSCMC property (NO EXCEPTIONS)

As a MMC member benefit, when the USSCMC is ordering sails, you will be permitted to purchase sails at a discounted price of $1800 for a suit of sails (main, jib, spinnaker) pricing is subject to change based on Melges price structure. This discount requires a purchase of 6+ suits of sails, hence it will likely be once a year when we will make a bulk order for sails.


MELGES 15 Enthusiasts who do not own a boat
Option #1 Buy a Melges-15 sailboat. If 6 or more members are interested in buying a boat, Melges will be pleased to broker a group discounted purchase. Then join the MMC fleet as described above. Consider getting a partner or two to purchase the boat with you.

Option #2 Be a M-15 MC Member
Limited to 10-12 M-15 annual members per boat
    Requires an existing USSCMC member (Adult, Family or Senior)
    Annual cost of $1,200 per year
    Optionally $120 per month w/ Annual Contract
      $1800 Private Suit of Sails (or $30 per hour for sail rental)

Shared use of a boat is limited to one 4-hour reservation per week. (10 AM-2 PM or 2 PM-6 PM)

For additional time in the boat, M-15 Members may check out a boat when it is not reserved and not in use by our program or lessons.

Boats will only be available for Club Racing or Regattas based on a high bidder for each event. Bidding will close at 10 AM on the day of Club Racing and will close 30 days prior to each of the Melges 15 Winter Series Regattas.

Joining this membership requires certification/ approval by the Sailing Director, plus a written agreement including a damage deposit.

Boat Naming Rights - Be a donor.

For $20,000, name the boat and have the same benefit as being the owner, except the USSCMC will own the boat and will have use of the boat for coaching. For five years, you will exclusively use the boat for reservations, regattas, club racing, and when the Sailing Center is closed. There are no storage or maintenance fees, though you will be responsible for any damages, just like in Option #2. You will be required to use and maintain your suit of sails. The USSCMC will use its suit of sails when utilizing the boat.


Melges 15 Training

Four weekends in October:

Saturday, Oct 7, 2023 (1:00 pm - 5:00 pm)
Saturday, Oct 14, 2023 (1:00 pm - 5:00 pm)
Saturday, Oct 21, 2023 (1:00 pm - 5:00 pm)
Saturday, Oct 28, 2023 (1:00 pm - 5:00 pm) 

Sailing experience is required. Registration is limited.

Proceeds to go towards growing a fleet of Melges 15

Double handed training.  Expect 1 boat shared with 4 people.  IF the USSCMC has an additional boat the class size will be increased to 6 persons and we will use two boats.

The 2 persons not in the Melges will either be in the coach boat or in a 420.  Case by case basis and based on wind conditions.

Training will include:  rigging, caring for the boat, procedures for boat use if you become a member, training for skills and tactics.

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