The US Sailing Center of Martin County is an amazing place. Thanks to the founders who acted on a vision more than 20 years ago and to the hundreds of friends who have donated their time, talents and resources over those years, the USSCMC is one of the very best small boat sailing centers in the nation today.

What our generous sailors have done in the name of sailing we are now asking local windsurfers to do for the sport of boardsailing. The facility already exists, as does the beautiful beachhead and shallow training area, ample free parking, a viewing deck, the kitchen, the showers, restrooms, rinsing stations AND everything needed to run a regatta (marks, safety boats, flags, etc.)… What we need is equipment, teachers and board sailors. Please join the USSCMC as we expand our on-the-water offerings. Donate your used quality equipment, share your love for boardsailing by volunteering your teaching skills, donate some time to help us grow the programs, donate your financial resources to bring windsurfing to those who would not otherwise have the opportunity to learn this great sport.



Hours of Operation

Wednesday - Sunday 10am-6:00pm
Last boat out 4:30pm - All boats in 6:00pm

Contact Us

(772)  334-8085


1955 NE Indian River Drive
Jensen Beach, FL 34957

We are a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization