Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are the heart beat of the USSCMC.  Students to Grown-ups...the following types of people are needed as volunteers:

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Retired, Employed, Heart for the Community, Love for Sailing, Wisdom, Worker

  • Starting at the top the USSCMC is run by an all volunteer Board of Directors.

Handymen, Riggers, Carpenters, Painters, Tinkerers

  • The USSCMC relies entirely on volunteers for all the repair and maintenance needs from boats to docks to buildings. 

Sailors, Boaters, Organizers, Race Committee, Willing Workers, Promoters

  • The USSCMC is known throughout the Regatta world for being amongst the best who organize and implement large national level regattas.  These regattas are entirely managed and implemented by all volunteers.

Teachers, Sailors, People who love people

  • The USSCMC offers a myriad of different sailing services to their members and to the community that are performed by volunteers.  Open houses to fund raising events that offer sailing, we are always looking for ways to serve our community though our love for sailing.

Specially Trained, Uniquely Skilled, Technology Specialist, Any One Who Wants to Help

  • Being a non-for-profit means we exist on a tight budget, running on empty, yet getting amazing things accomplished, day in and day out.  The USSCMC is a business and needs business services just like every other business.  If you are in a position to market yourself, your business, or your connections to help other businesses, then if you will offer those skills, services, or products to the USSCMC on a volunteer or donation basis, then you can help make a real difference.  This website,  the USSCMC database, and the USSCMC PBX phone system were were entirely donated by one volunteer who gave countless hours and provided USSCMC with the tools and equipment it needed to function at a new level technology wise.

Want to volunteer?  email alan@usscmc.org

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Hours of Operation

Wednesday - Sunday 10am-6:00pm
Last boat out 4:30pm - All boats in 6:00pm

Contact Us

(772)  334-8085


1955 NE Indian River Drive
Jensen Beach, FL 34957

We are a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization