Summer Camp Scholarship Program

In addition to the USSCMC scholarship program, the USSCMC is pleased to announce that the Perry J. Cohen Foundation will be offering SAILING CAMP scholarships.  CLICK HERE for more details.

USSCMC Scholarships are funded by the generosity of people who wish to promote Summer Camp Sailing by making it affordable for those students who have a strong desire to learn to sail along with a documentable need for financial assistance.  Scholarships are not available for Little Skippers half day program.

Sailors with free or assisted school lunches can receive financial aid.  With a Scholarship a student's net registration cost is generally $140 per week of camp. (Not including lunches, additional day care or other extras.  These additional services are not offered at discounted rates. 

To register for Summer Camp with the financial assistance rates, please provide a current “Notification of Eligibility” (awards) letter from the Martin County School Board (or other Florida based School Board) for the child who will be sailing.  Additionally please provide a written letter of request for financial assistance expressing your child's desire to attend summer sailing camp.  The letter may be written by the child or by the parent.   The USSCMC will then provide you with a scholarship code that may be used during the check out processes when registering for Summer Sailing Camp.

For additional weeks of scholarship,  a hand written thank you note from the child expressing their thanks for being able to attend sailing camp should be provided prior to attending additional weeks of camp,  The note should be age appropriate and may include a drawing by the child in place of a written message.  The child may express what they like about sailing camp or what they learned about sailing.  As an alternative the parent or guardian may provide a written testimony about what sailing camp means to their child.  These notes or excerpts from them may be used in future years to assist the USSCMC with soliciting scholarship donations.  You and your child’s identity will remain confidential and will not be used.

Applications to the school assisted lunch program are available through Martin County at this link....

If your child does not fit the profile of the free government assisted school lunch program, AND you still wish to apply for reduced tuition, then please click here for an application and flyer for assistance through the USSCMC scholarship fund.

It is important to understand that this scholarship fund has limited resources and scholarships are awarded on a rolling basis.  Once funds are depleted scholarships will no longer be offered.  Students will be limited to three weeks of advanced reservations with a scholarship.  Families with multiple children are limited to a total of six weeks of scholarship.  After Week Five of camp an accounting of our scholarship fund will be done and potentially open up additional weeks if the scholarship funds are available.  Students/Parents should have submitted their thank you notes or testimony letters for consideration of future scholarships.

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