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The US SAILING Center Martin County strives to make sailing affordable for anyone with the desire to learn to sail and the drive to grow their skills.

The US SAILING Center of Martin County is committed to the principle of equal opportunity in access to sailboats through memberships, sailing education, sailing camps, competitions and employment. The USSCMC does not discriminate against individuals on the basis of race, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, disability, age, genetic information, veteran status, ancestry, or national or ethnic origin in the administration of its educational policies, admissions policies, employment policies, and scholarships or financial aid.

Summer Camp Scholarships

High School Sailing Scholarships

Youth Sailing Program Scholarships

Future Champions Scholarships

Most scholarships are awarded on the basis of a financial need and it is generally expected that the student (or student's family) will pay a portion of the program fee so that they are personally vested in the program.  However, our "Future Champions Scholarship" is financial support awarded on the basis of talent or specifically qualifying for specific championships.  This program is designed to assist high achieving student sailors to compete at the highest levels of US SAILING competition while bringing attention to the US SAILING Center Martin County.

USSCMC Scholarships are funded by the generosity of people who wish to promote sailing by making it affordable for those students who have a strong desire to learn to sail along with a documentable need for financial assistance.

Sailors with free or assisted school lunches can receive financial aid.  With a Scholarship a student's net registration cost is generally 50% of the full tuition or registration fee.  Not including memberships, lunches, or any other program extras. 

To register for a program with the financial assistance rates, please provide a current “Notification of Eligibility” (awards) letter from the Martin County School Board (or other Florida based School Board) for the child who will be sailing.  Additionally, please provide a written letter of request for financial assistance expressing your child's desire to attend summer sailing camp.  The letter may be written by the child or by the parent.   The USSCMC will then provide you with a scholarship code that may be used during the check-out processes when registering.

After the scholarship has been received, a hand written thank you note from the child expressing their thanks for being able to attend sailing camp should be provided prior to requesting any further financial assistance.   The note should be age appropriate and may include a drawing by the child in place of a written message.  The child may express what they like about sailing or what they learned about sailing.  As an alternative the parent or guardian may provide a written testimony about what sailing camp means to their child.  These notes or excerpts from them may be used in future years to assist the USSCMC with soliciting scholarship donations.  You and your child’s identity will remain confidential and will not be used.

Applications to the school assisted lunch program are available through Martin County at this link....

If your child does not fit the profile of the free government assisted school lunch program, AND you still wish to apply for reduced tuition, then please click here for an application and flyer for assistance through the USSCMC scholarship fund.

It is important to understand that all our scholarship programs have limited resources and scholarships are awarded on a rolling basis.  Once funds are depleted scholarships will no longer be offered.  Families with multiple children may be limited in the number of scholarships that can be awarded for the same program.  Students/Parents should have submitted their thank you notes or testimony letters for consideration of future scholarships.




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