Perry J. Cohen Sailing Scholarship Program

Fourteen-year-old Perry Cohen went missing at sea on July 24, 2015. He was last seen leaving the Jupiter, Florida inlet on his good friend's boat. The United States Coast Guard (USCG) conducted one of the largest Search and Rescue (SAR) missions in modern day history to find Perry and his friend. After an exhaustive eight-day, 55,000 square nautical mile search, the United States Coast Guard (USCG) suspended their efforts at sunset on July 31, 2015.

In his honor, Perry’s mother, Pamela Cohen, and his stepfather, Nicholas Korniloff, established The Perry J. Cohen Foundation (PJCF) a 501(c)(3). The mission of the foundation is to create awareness and education for all individuals around the safe enjoyment of recreational boating, fishing, and water sports. Because of Perry’s deep love for the sea, a highlight of the foundation’s work will be focused on the preservation of marine life and our coastlines visit

The US SAILING Center Martin County is pleased to announce that the Perry J Cohen Foundation will be funding sailing scholarships for the USSCMC Summer Sailing Camp.

Twenty “Needs Based Scholarships” in total will be provided for students (ages 7-17) who want to learn to sail and grow their seamanship skills. 

  • Ten “Full-ride” 100% scholarships
  • Ten “50% Financial Assistance” scholarships

Applicants for the sailing scholarships must apply to the US SAILING Center Martin County.

Any student is only eligible for one sailing scholarship per summer from the Perry J Cohen Foundation.

Only one child per family is eligible for one Full-ride scholarship.

Additional children in the same family may receive the 50% tuition assistance.

A maximum of three children from one family may receive a combination of scholarship assistance from the Perry J. Cohen Foundation Sailing Scholarship Program in one summer.

Applicants must provide all of the following to be considered.  Full applications must be received by May 15th to be considered for the 1st week of sailing camp.  Applications received after May 15th will not be eligible for the first week of camp.  Scholarships will be reviewed on May 16th and offers will go out to parents immediately.  There are ten one week sessions of sailing camp.  Each week there will be one student awarded a “full-ride” and one student will be awarded a 50% tuition assistance.  All funding is provided by the Perry J. Cohen Foundation and will be paid directly to the US SAILING Center of Martin County on behalf of the child receiving the scholarship.


  • A “Letter of Explanation of Need” by the family provider shall be written by a parent or legal guardian.  The letter should be signed and dated.  Letter to include the full legal name of the child, the child’s DOB, and the parent/ guardian’s full name(s).  The content of the letter should explain the financial need.  The letter will be kept in strict confidence.
  • A “Letter of Explanation of the Students Desire to Learn to Sail” shall be written by the student applicant and should be signed and dated. 
  • A copy of an “Awards Letter” from the County or State proving government aid is currently provided for the child in the form of Social Security, Food Stamps, School Lunch program, etc. (This is not required to receive a 50% scholarship, but may improve the chances of receiving the assistance.  Applications not including this documentation will not be eligible for the Full-ride.)
  • Fully completed and signed application form agreeing to the terms of the scholarship.


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