High School Sailing 101 For New Sailors and Parents


Few high schools have the opportunity to have a sailing team; we are excited to make sailing available to everyone!

Five teams train together at USSCMC. All three of Martin County’s public high schools (Martin County, South Fork, Jensen Beach) in addition to one prep school, The Pine School. The School Board of Martin County has authorized USSCMC to award varsity letters to qualifying sailors. Similarly, The Pine School’s Head of School has authorized USSCMC to award varsity blazer pins. In St. Lucie County, the Marine Oceanographic Academy is fully recognized by school authorities and follow the policies and regulations established for school teams.


Our season is pretty long! We begin in late August and finish in mid-March. Each team practices on a designated weekday. Fridays are invitation-only for advanced sailors. Saturday mornings are for new sailors or those still building basic skills. Saturday afternoons are race days for intermediate and advanced sailors.


We require all sailors to have a Coast Guard Type III lifejacket. Sailors must also have covered feet, such as booties. Sorry, flip flops are not allowed. We strongly encourage proper gear, such as gloves.


All of the High Schools located in Martin County compete as members of the Interscholastic Sailing Association (ISSA) in the South Atlantic District (SAISA). The USSCMC Sailing Coach coordinates the registration of the individual teams by the Parent Sponsors with SAISA.

The goal for the High School Sailing Teams is to practice, train and compete with the intensity required to qualify for the ISSA National Championship events.

What is a regatta?

As your high school sailors go through a term, they will learn skills ranging from basic/intermediate skills to advanced racing techniques. The goal is to prepare them to participate in inter-school competitions, called regattas. Since regattas are often out of town and can involve overnight stays, we depend on our parents to be individually responsible for the transportation and lodging of their own children.   Any parent or group of parents who wish to network with carpooling and chaperoning shall be fully responsible to follow all requirements of the school district with respect to volunteers and chaperones.

Who gets to sail in the regatta?

A regatta is simply a series of short sailboat races, typically anywhere from 5 to 20. It is either one or two days long and held on a weekend. High school sailors compete as 4-person teams, with one 2-person crew sailing in the A division and one 2-person crew sailing in the B division. Racing alternates between A and B divisions, with sailors swapping boats between races. The scores of both divisions are added together to determine the team’s ranking in the final results.

When are the regattas held?

There are seven South Points regattas from October through March.

Where are the regattas held?

They are spread out from Miami to Tampa. We traditionally host the second regatta of the season. Most of our regattas have 20-25 teams competing.

Who provides the boats?

The host provides a few boats, but we usually need to bring a few on trailers.

How do we get to the regattas?

We drive in private cars with parent drivers following the requirements of Martin County School System for carpooling and chaperoning.

Where do we stay?

Parents usually make personal hotel room arrangements for any sailors they drive, or just wake up really early for the drive.

What are the parent responsibilities at a regatta?

It’s the job of the adult chaperones to assist and oversee the teams as they travel. This includes driving, getting the sailors from their overnight lodgings to the regatta site on time, providing support as needed during the racing, and supervising après race activities.

What do we do while the kids are sailing?

Enjoy the weather, read, watch the racing with binoculars, chat with other team parents. There are always ways to help your team, like offering sailors sunblock, a towel or water bottle refill. Ask coaches how things work if you want to learn more.

Where do I get specific information about a regatta?

Specific regatta instructions–including times, locations, racing guidelines, housing arrangements, etc.–are published in a Notice of Race issued by the NWISA or hosting organization before the event. This document will be posted on www.saisa.hssailing.org


  • Arrive on time

  • Listen to the coach, be a team player and work cooperatively with all instructors and peers.

  • Follow the USSCMC Code of Conduct and Ethics guidelines.

  • Always treat all USSCMC boats, facilities, grounds and the Indian River with respect

  • Perform proper maintenance for the USSCMC boats.

  • Clean up the areas of the USSCMC where practice and meetings occurred.

  • Follow all of the rules and regulations of the USSCMC as posted and instructed by the

  • USSCMC staff.

  • Do not go to the deck until all boats are derigged and stowed


The cost is $600. The price is $500 if paid up front. Sailing is a very expensive sport and we are pleased that we can charge so little for use of great facilities and gear.


There are modest scholarships available. See the high school “program details” section of the website for details.


Eighth graders are welcome to be full members of a HS team, including attending all practices as if they were in high school, however they will only be able to compete at a JV level and they will need to earn that opportunity over the other eligible sailors. See the program handbook for more details.


We compete in “SouthPoints” regattas. See www.saisa.hssailing.org for details.


We are excited to have your sailor on the team, and will be kept very busy organizing practices, regattas and teaching them how to become awesome racers! So, we will need your help! Regatta travel is usually based on parent drivers. Please take a look at the regatta schedule and make note on which regattas you would be able to drive.


Sailing is an expensive sport. The costs for the sailboats, travel trailers, the safety powerboats, the powerboat fuel, boat maintenance, all associated equipment and the coaching salaries are not fully covered by the participation fees. Hence, the program operates at a deficit. It is the philosophy of the USSCMC that the High School Sailing Program should be affordable. It is also their philosophy that all parents and students shall be actively involved in the fundraising efforts to offset the shortfall. As a family every student who enrolls in the High School Sailing program, regardless of their financial means, should plan to participate in the fundraising efforts.


Hours of Operation

Wednesday - Sunday 10am-6:00pm
Last boat out 4:30pm - All boats in 6:00pm

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