Adult Learn to Sail

The US Sailing Center of Martin County invites YOU to learn how to SAIL in one of our weekday or weekend classes!

Learn a skill that will last a lifetime. No matter your age or ability - experience the freedom of effortlessly gliding through the water powered by nature. Feel the wind across your face and listen to the peaceful sound of your boat moving through the water. With thousands of square miles of both off-shore and inland waters to choose from here on the Treasure Coast, isn't it time you learned how to sail? 
Learn the basics of sailing on our Hobie Wave Catamarans in a 16-hour course - wind knowledge, rigging, points of sail, tacking, jibing, sailing on a reach and more! Don't pass up the fun of sailing this year ... 
Join as a member - take advantage of discounted class fees and the opportunity to enjoy unlimited sailing at NO additional cost! Members may sail or kayak anytime during community sailing hours. Non-members may also join our class offerings.
16-HOUR COURSE   $175.00 Member rate/$300.00 Non-Member rate
12 hours in a boat + 4 hours classroom instruction
Typical course schedule:
"Knots & Knowledge" (classroom), Wednesday & Thursday, 7 to 9PM
Sailing a Hobie Wave Catamaran, Saturday, 9AM to 1PM
Sailing a Hobie Wave Catamaran, Rigging & Crewing a Flying Scot, Sunday, 9AM to 1PM
Hobie Wave Catamaran Sail Test, Crewing a Flying Scot, Saturday, 9AM to 1PM
KNOTS & KNOWLEDGE  $50 includes instructional video
Wednesday & Thursday: 7 to 9PM
LEARN TO SAIL  $300 per person includes Knots & Knowledge course. $125 credit towards membership, $75 new member activation fee waived
Saturday, Sunday, Saturday 9AM to 1PM
LEARN TO CREW - FLYING SCOTS  $150 Member rate/$200 Non-Member rate. Limit 2 persons. Prerequisite is Knots & Knowledge
Saturday, Sunday, 2 to 5PM (by appointment only)
LEARN TO SKIPPER - FLYING SCOTS  $200 Member rate. Bring your own crew for free. Limit 1 Skipper.
Saturday, Sunday, 2 to 5PM (by appointment only)
Includes Unlimited Sailing Skills Test(s)
Additional classes $100/3-hr day as needed. Prerequisite is LT Crew or Pass Entry Test $30
Please call our office at (772) 334-8085 to register and schedule appointments.
Not sure you want to join yet?  Start as a non-member and we will provide you a credit of $125 towards your new membership.

Upcoming Adult Learn to Sail Offerings

May 2,3,5,6,12

May 16,17,19,20,26

May 30, 31, Jun 2,3,9 Jun 13, 14,16,17,23
Jun 27,28,30, Jul 1,7 Jul 11,12,14,15,21 Jul 25,26,28,29, Aug 4 Aug 8,9,11,12,19
Sep 5,6,8,9,15 Sep 19,20,22,23,29 Oct 3,4,6,7,13 Oct 17,18,20,21,27
Nov 7,8,11,17,18      
Jan 2,3,5,6,12      

A three-day class is $300.   A credit of $125 is available for purchase towards membership upon completion of the class.  AND your first year activation fee is WAIVED when membership is purchased within 30 days of the last day of class.

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Hours of Operation

Wednesday - Sunday 10am-6:00pm
Last boat out 4:30pm - All boats in 6:00pm

Contact Us

(772)  334-8085


1955 NE Indian River Drive
Jensen Beach, FL 34957

We are a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization