The 420 Class Dinghy is a double-handed (2 crew) monohull, planing dinghy with a centerboard, Bermuda rig and center sheeting. The name describes the overall length of the boat in centimeters (the boat is exactly 4.2 metres long). The hull is fiberglass with internal buoyancy tanks. The Club 420 is equipped with a spinnaker and trapeze, making a very exciting boat for two. It has a large sail-area-to-weight ratio, and is designed to plane easily.

The 420 was designed specifically to be easier to handle than its larger higher-performance cousin, the 470.  The 420 is intended to be a youth training boat to the Olympic class boat 470.

Other versions of the Club 420 are the International 420 and the Collegiate 420. The C420 and I420 are very similar boats.  The Collegiate 420 does not use a spinnaker or trapeze.

The USSCMC owns 12 (420s) that are stored on boat dollies for easy launching for the shore line of the Indian River Lagoon.



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