US Sailing Small Boat Level One Instructor Course at USSCMC

The US Sailing Small Boat Level 1 Sailing Instructor Certification Course is designed to provide sailing instructors with information on how to teach more safely, effectively, and creatively.

This is a 4-day, 40-hour course. Attendance at all 40 hours is mandatory. Absence from any portion of the course excludes the instructor candidate for certification.

Benefits of Obtaining Level One Certification

  • Level One Certification is mandatory training for anyone interested in any kind of employment at the US Sailing Center (as in Summer Camp or any other sailing program). The benefits of this training are many.  Most important, it provides a standardize approach to sailing instruction and safety practices. When the USSCMC provides instruction, all Sailing Instructors will be teaching from the same doctrine of sailing. There is also an insurance policy for those who are Level 1-trained instructors. For those who have no professional aspirations for sailing, the training builds sailing confidence and makes you a far more qualified sailing volunteer.  Additional benefits to USSCMC members who have an active US Sailing Level One Instructor Certificate on file with the employment office of the USSCMC include the following…
    • Opportunities to run start up sailing programs with the USSCMC
    • Opportunities for a part time income
    • Opportunities to sail beyond our sailing area, by simply filing a sailing plan and obtaining permission from the Sailing Director
    • Opportunities to sail at times when the USSCMC is typically closed

US Sailing Small Boat Level 2 Instructor Trainer Course at USSCMC

The Level 2 Instructor workshop focuses on developing knowledge and skill in teaching sail theory, sail controls, introductory managmenet skills, spinnaker and trapeze use ( and instruction) and powerboat operation for emergency situations.

US Sailing Small Boat Level 3 Coach Workshop    

The Smallboat Level 3 Coach workshop provides coaches with information on how to effectively develop performance boat handling and racing skills and instill in athletes the imporatance of ethical behavior and sportsmanship in the sport of sailing.


US Sailing One Day Race Management Series

Race Officers are in charge of racing on the water. Their duties include: ensuring the safety of competitors and  race committee members, choosing courses to give competitors the best possible races, starting the fleet, adjusting the course in response to changing conditions, finishing the fleet, and scoring the event - US Sailing Race Managment Seminars provide you with the training and education necessary to manage safe, efficient and quality events.

$35 registration fee includes course materials and online testing. Walk-in registrations are not availabe for this seminar. Registrants will recieve a link for online testing a week before the start of the seminar.  Please contact alan@usscmc.org for additional information regarding onsite logistics or John Super johnsuper@att.net for curriculumn based questions.

February 3, 2020     Registration


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