US Sailing Center
25th Anniversary Capital Campaign

The funds raised in this campaign will be used to enhance our building, surrounding areas, and our support of our community in a number of ways. On the second floor of our building, we will add much-needed classroom and multi-use space. On the ground floor, we will gain additional space for regatta and event logistics for a total estimated cost of $395,000.

We have worked closely with Martin County to develop a comprehensive Preserve Area Management Plan that includes the addition of over 70 parking spaces in the adjacent Indian RiverSide Park, enhancements to walking areas, and preservation efforts at a cost of $335,000.

On our site, we will add space for safety boat storage and maintenance and enhance the efficiency of some existing spaces at a cost of $260,000.

Additionally, we are excited to launch the Jack & Julie LeFort Society to provide a source of continued funding for the Fleet and Facilities Endowment.

Do something incredible today. Support our mission and play your part in transforming lives through the joy of sailing!

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